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SuperHVRP Application - Mad Dog by TheOkkwardTurtle
SuperHVRP Application - Mad Dog

Big thanks to my friend Amber for this art! uvu )

Name: Johnathan Hakir

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1 ft (Or 185.42 cm)

Alias: Mad Dog (MD)

Affiliation: Super Villain

Personality: Rude, homicidal, insane, snarky, greedy, and those are just the positive traits. Johnathan 'Mad Dog' Vasquez is the product of a sun-bleached desert planet of murderers and thieves; the whole scenario giving him a unique outlook on his life. He is fit to spontaneous outbursts in his speech coupled with anger, dropping down immediately back to a formal speech. He speaks of gruesome acts he has done and will do, with interest and curiosity. Human lives are what he considers his little playground, physical or mental. And like hell will he take advantage of that.

<The following has been taken from an abandoned video camera from the back of a crashed transport in Hezsc.>

<Loud rattling, most likely the sound of the transport lifting off.>

<The camera is picked up by something, the light flicked on.>

“ it working? light. Red liiiight. Helllooo.”

<The camera focuses in on Johnthan, currently relaxed on a pile of luggage in the cargo.>

“’s dark as a MOTHERFUCKER in here.”

<The camera turns to face the ceiling and surrounding area of the cargo hold, stocked with numerous bags and other articles before focusing back on him.>

“’s gonna be greaaaat getting back to Hezsc, after a nice loooong stay at my home. Heheh..”

<Johnathan looks directly into the camera, silent for a second, before pulling it back to view his whole face.>

“Going back there, y’know, reminds me of all my childhood there. what a fucked up time that was. Killing, stealing, torturing…god DAMN those were fun times. Rolling around the desert with my oooown little entourage of lil’ minions with me. Heh..too bad I killed them all. Not really. Bunch of fuckin’ pricks.”

< The camera is turned slowly around again in the cargo hold, as he continues to talk.>

“ can only raid a desert planet so many times before you gotta find something..bigger. BIGGER. Heh, then..then I found Hezsc. Can’t WAIT to get back there.”

<The camera turns back to him, a malicious grin on his expression as he brings it in close to whisper.>

“I thiiiink we are landing soon. Hmhm..I’ma go find some friends for the rest of the ride.”

<The camera immediately drops, as Johnathan is gone. Seconds later, screams and loud bangs are heard in the distance, most likely in the civilian area of the ship. The light on the camera starts to flicker as louder bangs and explosions resound.>


<The tape cuts off here.>

Power/Ability/Weapons: Being born on a desert planet with near infinite access to the sun's rays, MD's powers were quick to blossom. Taking in heat and light energy like a solar panel, MD is able to use this absorbed energy to accelerate his body movements to perform 'super speed'. This does have a cross-over effect to his mind and perception, allowing him to process and make such hair pin turns that would be needed when one could move as fast as he could. The more solar energy that he is able to take in to his own body, the more energy he can allot, and the faster he can go. He does have his limits, of course, only able to accelerate his body so fast. But, in endurance, especially during the day, he can last for hours and hours before slowing.


Finite Battery - Mad Dog relies on solar and heat energy to fuel his running, and as such; at night or on particularly cloudy and shaded days, Mad Dog is forced to conserve his energy, lest he run out before he can get another source to take from.

Cold is a No Go - Born and raised on a planet of mostly desert, MD has become accustom to running through burning sands, with the sun beating down on his back. If kept in cold temperatures (or attacked by those that hold a power over cold), will reduce the amount of energy he can output at one time, or even reduce how much he can absorb.

Other: Along with his speed being a deadly asset, MD carries a fold-out black steel baton on his belt, having tossed away his bowie knife for a more...entertaining approach on combat.

SuperHVRP Application - Syntax by TheOkkwardTurtle
SuperHVRP Application - Syntax
Name: M-837A78398C839J

Age: 8 years, 4 months, and 23 days since manufactured.

Gender: None, but programmed with male voice for text-to-speech software.

Height: 6 ft.

Alias: Syntax

Affiliation: Super Hero

Personality: Although a robot, Syntax can and does display signs of emotion and even empathy. Having worked with humans under his old corporation, he has seen the best and worst of people, and has altered his vocabulary according when speaking to them. He finds organic life an incomplete, yet interesting thing. He thinks of them as a treasured pet of sorts, and attempts to keep organic life from harm to the best of his ability. That however, will not stop him from dealing rather cold violence upon organic life that means to harm others, or even Syntax themselves.

History: Manufactured for ARAMAX as a simple jack-of-all-trades office robot, Syntax was the first, and only successful creation of his line. An emotion detection and response system, coupled with high-end data storage for company information, as well as fully fluid ambidextrous limbs for the fastest output manually, Syntax was almost like the right hand man of the corporation's head. Hackers, power failures, even the smallest glitch was hammered out of their system by Syntax in his years of service at ARAMAX, which paved the way for it's unhindered rise.

It was not long, however, until the attempts to undermine the corporation turned to more...physical means. Workers killed by unknown assailants, drive-bys of the ground floor lobby, even hijacks of their assets while on the road. ARAMAX would not take this sitting down, and soon branched out their robotic line to a more militaristic branch. Even Syntax himself was outfitted with a combat mode, albeit he never used it in his time at the corporation. When the attacks became more obvious and fore-front, Syntax displayed his use of such a core by letting off lightning from his fingertips, frying and dispatching of the mercenaries sent to the corporation's HQ.

As the attacks became more frequent, with the robotics industry being a rather cutthroat business as it was, the head made the decision to..secede. Assets were liquidated, staff were wiped from the files to avoid being tracked, and the company dispersed. The head considered taking Syntax with him as a bodyguard of sorts, but consulted him and decided it would make him a more visible target for those who wanted the head personally taken out. Syntax was dropped from the company logs and written off as a simple accountant robot, given enough credits to board a ship off-world.

Now without a purpose nor company to fall under for direction, Syntax took the long trip to Hezsc to...process. The battle and death he viewed during the attacks on the company was something more to him than just protecting what he was assigned to protect. Organic life was fascinating to him, and to see it destroyed? It was unspeakable. As the ship landed in the ports of Hezsc, Syntax took on a new agenda, a new set of goals.

He would protect organic life, from itself and others.

Power/Ability/Weapons: Being outfitted as a corporate robot at first, Syntax has a certain degree of control of electronic devices within his vicinity. Messing with connection of phones, light fixtures, etc can all be done remotely, while more serious measures (IE: Opening electronic doors) must be done by physically plugging himself in. As the corporation experienced trouble, Syntax was upgraded with a combat mode that he can switch himself into. In this mode, he becomes Firewall. His keyboard is brought into his chest as his form is changed; arms become large and out-front, chest expands, and ultimately adopts the walk and shape reminiscent of a gorilla. He is able to speak without the need of a keyboard in this mode, however his word bank is severely limited to basic command phrases that came with the combat mode. Also, the change gave his outer plating much higher resistance to damage, with an increase to his own frame's strength.

Weaknesses: Syntax comes with all the usual weaknesses of being made of 100% metal and wiring. Although rather sealed up tight, if submerged in water for too long, he can become flooded and shut down. If the necessary draining and repairs are not done in time, he is gone. Forever. Black outs or being in areas with little electricity will be a deterrent and will cause a slow in his actions and movements, the human equivalent to a headache combined with nausea. Finally, Syntax was not built as a physically strong or incredibly durable robot, so blunt force or physical damage to his form will take much longer to repair and fix, given he is made of metal rather than flesh.

In combat mode: While his combat mode does boast a stronger hide with increased strength to boot, there are downsides. With a large frame comes the fault of a slower 'processing' speed, in a manner of speaking. Fast movements and tactics will confuse and belay his actions, causing him to be rather ineffective unless he catches a lucky hit. Also, as he changes into his combat mode, he is otherwise immobile until completed, or cancelled.

Other: Syntax uses the keyboard that is wired to his chest in order to speak, using a text-to-speech program. The keyboard can be locked into his chest when not in use, as to free up his hands.

(( Picture drawn by a dear friend, Molley. Wherever you might be ; o ; ))
Haven't been active here for the longest time.

Gonna try to change that, I guess.

Haven't been active here for the longest time.

Gonna try to change that, I guess.


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